Comprehensive Plan

The town is currently in the process of revising our comprehensive plan for land use. A Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee has been formed and appointed by the Town Council. Members of this committee were selected based on their expertise and background in order to provide a wealth of experience and interests to the committee.

  • Fred Harding
  • Paula Medley
  • Mort Starobin
  • Stosh Zamonsky
  • Matt Mordas
  • John Lavelle
  • Matt Taylor
  • Bill Herrmann
  • Anita Altman
  • Andy Weil
  • Lyman Holmes

Turner Miller Group has been selected to be the Certified Planner to coordinate and guide the comprehensive planning process.

The steering committee will work with the Certified Planner to develop the draft comprehensive plan and present this to the town board for approval.

Public input will not only be encouraged but required in order to ensure that the plan has been developed with visibility to, and input from, all stakeholders in the community.

The timeline for this project is to complete the draft plan by the end of 2016.