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FOIL Request

  1. Freedom of Information Law requesting access to public records

  2. Contact Information

  3. Under the provision of the New York State Freedom of Information Law, Article 6 of the Public Officer's Law, the above-named hereby requests records or portions thereof pertaining to the following department:

  4. Fees

    If there are any fees for copying the records requested, please inform me before filing the request or please supply the record without informing me if the fees are not in excess of the following amount

  5. Except where a different free is prescribed by statute, any agency may not charge for inspection, certification, search for records, or charge in excess of 25 cents per copy up to 9"x14" (Section 87(1) (B) (iii)

  6. By entering your name in the signature field you are affirming your identity under penalty of law and will not use the documents for commercial purpose

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