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Town Pool

Town Pool Town Pool Town Pool

Safety Notice for Open & Family Swim
No one under the age of 13 is allowed in the pool without an adult present inside the gate/pool area at all times. Please do not leave your children unattended at any park facilities. Lifeguards are watching swimmers, not the visitors to the park or pool areas.

Think Safety First-Avoid Pool Accidents
Pool accidents occur on the deck and in the shallow water through simple carelessness, horseplay and running. Please make sure your child obeys, understands and respects our pool rules. They ensure everyone’s protection and enjoyment.

Seasonal Pool Pass
If you intend on using the pool by yourself or with your family during the summer months, do the math. It saves you money if you purchase a season pass. Example: (resident) 2 adults and 2 children = $20. per visit, multiply that by 4 days per week = $80. per week. Multiply that by 10 weeks = $800.00! Now take a look at the season packages below…

Pass Type: Residents Non-Resident Seniors
Individual $75.00 $150.00 10% of regular price
Family up to 4 $200.00 $400.00 10% of regular price
$25 for each additional family member

Season passes are available in the Supervisor's Office located at the Town of Mamakating Town Hall, 2948 Route 209, Wurtsboro, NY. For more information call: 888-3000

Daily Pool Pass:  Resident - $5.     Non-Resident - $7.(You must supply proof of residency! )

Any suggestions for your town pool or park? Let the pool attendant know and she will pass them along to the Supervisors office. Thank you for your input!

We are going to try an experiment here at the town pool: You may bring your own yard/beach chairs on the pool deck (and of course on the grass area) for your comfort and relaxation. However, they MUST remain against the pool deck fence!!! For safety and rescue reasons, we will be placing a limit on how many chairs are allowed inside the pool area at one time. We understand you want to be more comfortable while watching your children play in the water – we also understand that safety comes first. Remember: keep chairs and belongings up against fence!

Town of Mamakating
Pool Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are for the comfort, benefit and safety of all members their families and guests. They have been established to ensure the safe and sanitary operation of the pool and related facilities, and to provide enjoyable recreation for residents and their guests. Please read and be familiar with the rules and regulations. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe all rules and regulations and to obey the instructions of the pool management and staff. All pool users are expected to show the pool staff proper respect and cooperation at all times.

In case of emergency, please dial 911.

General Policies
• The pool will be closed during inclement weather or as determined by the pool management or lifeguards for the health and safety of pool patrons.
• Due to circumstances beyond our control, it may be necessary to perform pool maintenance and/or repairs during the pool season. Every effort will be made to do this in the morning, however, we may experience a late opening or closure if the filtration system or the pool itself requires immediate maintenance.
• All persons who use the pool must present appropriate proof of residency or pool pass when checking in with the pool attendant. If you do not have appropriate identification, you will be charged non-resident rates.
• All children must pass a basic swim test annually to the satisfaction of the lifeguards on duty in order to swim in the deep end of the pool. The test consists of treading water for 30 seconds and swimming one lap – any stroke. Passing the test is at the discretion of the lifeguard and will be recorded in the log book. You may only take the test once per day.
• In the event of an emergency, the pool will be cleared.
• All injuries on the premises should be reported immediately to the lifeguards.
• No pets inside pool area.
• Bar-b-quing is only permitted in the designated area located by the pavilion. You may not bring your own grill and cook by the pool picnic area.
• All belongings must stay outside of gate/pool area. This is for your safety – a crowded deck is very hard to guard in case of emergency. Purses/wallets may be left at the front desk with pool attendant. The Town is not responsible for any loss/damage to personal property.
• Admission to the pool will be refused to people having or exhibiting the following:
-Skin infections, open wounds or illness
-Intoxication (under the influence of any substance)
• No one under the age of 13 is allowed in the pool without an adult present inside the gate/pool area at all times. Please do not leave your children unattended at any park facilities. Lifeguards are watching swimmers and not the visitors to the park area.
• Glass bottles and any other type of glass objects are prohibited within the pool area and on all surrounding areas outside of pool.
• Pool users who wear diapers must wear a swim diaper. Disposable diapers are prohibited.

General Rules of Conduct

Parents shall be held responsible for the conduct of their children.

• No horseplay – chicken fights, rough play, dunking, pushing or excessive splashing.
• Please keep the restrooms, pool area and picnic area tidy. All trash shall be disposed of properly.
• Feet first jumping only allowed in the deep end of the pool. NO DIVING – pool is not deep enough for headfirst dives.
• No running on pool deck as the surface gets very slippery. Please walk at all times.
• Smoking is only permitted in the grassy area outside of the pool fence. Please dispose of cigarette butts in receptacles. No smoking inside pool area.
• Absolutely no alcoholic beverages in the Town Park.
• No food, drink or gum inside the pool area.
• Appropriate swimming attire is required. No cutoffs - the material can get caught in the filters. No large earrings or large jewelry in pool as they can also get caught in the filters.
• Use proper language – no cursing.
• Do not sit, stand or hang on ropes in pool.
• No objects made from Styrofoam, inflatable tubes, snorkels or arm wings. Life vests or Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted.
• No impeding the lifeguard’s performance of duty.
• Follow lifeguards instructions immediately.
• Improper behavior will result in loss of swimming privileges.

Large Groups:

Large groups are ten or more people brought to the pool at one time. Large groups are permitted only with the permission of the Supervisor’s Office/Pool Management. Pool Management must determine whether another large group is scheduled at that time, whether management can provide adequate supervision (lifeguards) and whether the large group will place an undue burden upon pool operations or will interfere with public enjoyment of the pool.

Requests for attendance of a large group should be made to Supervisor’s Office/Pool Management at least 1 week in advance. Requests for attendance of a large group are not “reservations” for exclusive use of the facility. You must share the pool with other residents.

Should the pool become overcrowded at any time, the lifeguards or pool management may temporarily limit the number of swimmers.

All people using the pool do so at their own risk. The Town of Mamakating assumes no responsibility for any accident, injury or illness in connection with such use.

Please remember this is not a back yard pool. We are a community recreation area. Your safety is our number one priority!

Thank you for your cooperation!
Town of Mamakating



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