Rules of Court

The rules of court, resources and documents contained herein are to be used solely for individuals appearing before Judge Dolan


Applications for adjournments on all matters must be received in writing by mail or facsimile at 845-888-2805 at least 5 days before the scheduled court appearance. The requesting party must note in the correspondence that he/she sought the consent of his/her adversary and whether or not consent was granted. It can be assumed that all adjournments on consent are granted unless the court advises the parties otherwise.

Motions in all proceedings are returnable with a proper Notice of Motion on the 2nd and/or 4th Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m. for vehicle and traffic matters, 10 a.m. for criminal cases and 6 p.m. for small claims, evictions and holdover proceedings. A motion schedule may be set by the court. Please refer to the Town of Mamakating calendar for court dates.

Requests for hearings may be made orally or in writing and the court will schedule a timely date convenient for all parties. Transcript request forms will be provided at the hearing if no stenographer is present.


Trial dates will be set by the court and the parties will be notified in writing of the date and time of trial. The parties must submit a witness list and an exhibit list 5 days before the trial date. Exhibits must be pre-marked. All documents the parties can agree upon to be entered into evidence shall be identified on the exhibit list, marked and submitted to the court prior to the trial date.