General Rules of Conduct

Pool Rules
Parents shall be held responsible for the conduct of their children.
  • No horseplay - chicken fights, rough play, dunking, pushing or excessive splashing.
  • Please keep the restrooms, pool area and picnic area tidy. All trash shall be disposed of properly.
  • Feet 1st jumping only allowed in the deep end of the pool. No diving - pool is not deep enough for headfirst dives.
  • No running on pool deck as the surface gets very slippery. Please walk at all times.
  • Smoking is only permitted in the grassy area outside of the pool fence. Please dispose of cigarette butts in receptacles. No smoking inside pool area.
  • Absolutely no alcoholic beverages in the Town Park.
  • No food, drink or gum inside the pool area.
  • Appropriate swimming attire is required. No cutoffs - the material can get caught in the filters. No large earrings or large jewelry in pool as they can also get caught in the filters.
  • Use proper language - no cursing.
  • Do not sit, stand or hang on ropes in pool.
  • No objects made from Styrofoam, inflatable tubes, snorkels or arm wings. Life vests or Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted.
  • No impeding the lifeguard’s performance of duty.
  • Follow lifeguards instructions immediately.
  • Improper behavior will result in loss of swimming privileges.