Schedule of Inspections

These approvals are required to obtain your Certificate of Occupancy

To schedule your inspection

Please call 845-888-3000 Preset # 3  

 Our business hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm

 Inspections are performed Monday-Thursday and begin at 12:30 pm
   Please Note: When calling to schedule your inspection you will need your Building Permit Number

Schedule of Inspections
Inspection #1When footing forms and rebar are in place, prior to concrete
Inspection #2When wall forms and rebar are in place, prior to concrete
Inspection #3When foundation is completed and waterproofed and footing drains are installed and  stone, fabric & hay are in place
Inspection #4When floor has plastic and wire installed, prior to concrete
Inspection #5When framing and roof are completed, stairs must be installed, rough electric installed and inspected, rough plumbing in place with pressure test on for Building Inspector to witness
Inspection #6Ice & Water Shield.
Inspection #7Insulation must be completed – (No Sheetrock) All vertical holes between floors, ceilings, wires, plumbing and etc. must be sealed.
Inspection #8When septic is completely installed and prior to covering Building Inspector to witness. Engineers sign off / verification in writing with signature & stamp.
Inspection #9Final – Building must be completely finished, interior & exterior, septic final, final “as built” survey, 911# posted, water test, well log, driveway final and final electric inspection. All of the above must be obtained prior to final scheduling final walk through inspection.