How to: Permit Applications

Follow these steps when applying for a Permit:
  1. Completed Permit Application - Original application must be submitted with property owner's wet signature. 
  2. A site plan/survey of the property (required with EVERY application) - Clearly locate ALL buildings/structures, well & septic, and driveway location.  Locate the proposed alteration(s) to your property site plan for which you are applying or in the case of a demolition, mark the structure(s) to be removed.
  3. Two sets of construction plans (required with MOST applications) - New homes, renovations, alterations, additions, etc. require stamped and sealed Plans from a New York State certified Architect or Engineer with the energy code work sheet attached. Most other construction can be drawn/provided by the owner or contractor, but the review will determine if anything additional is required!
  4. Proof of ownership - Deed, which is only required if you have owned the property for LESS than a year.
  5. Driveway permit -for new homes only.
  6. Copy of insurance - Contractors must provide Workmen's Compensation (or Exemption of Workman's Comp) and Liability Insurance certificate on separate forms. Proof of homeowners insurance is also accepted.
  7. Copy of paid property taxes
To obtain a Permit Application:
You can either select the appropriate PDF from under the Related Documents portion of the main Building Department Page, pick up a copy from the office, or request a copy be mailed to you. There is a generic application for most construction- the Building Permit Application, a Demolition Permit Application, a Well Permit Application, a Septic Permit Application, a Solar Permit Application, as well as applications to Renew, Reactivate, and Amend existing Permits. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or comments you may have!