How to: Complaints

Complaints are required in writing- whether it be through a Complaint Form, the Fix-It Form, an email, or a letter! 

Please be sure to include the following information when providing a complaint:

  1. Your full name and contact information- a phone number or an email.
  2. The full name of whom the Complaint is against.
  3. The address or location of the complaint. If an exact address cannot be provided, please be as descriptive as possible so the Inspector can accurately investigate the location. Likewise, showing it to us on a map would help!
  4. The Section, Block, and Lot (if available).
  5. A detailed description of the Complaint- the more information you provide, the more accurately we can investigate and search to resolve the issues! Any documentation or photos that you would like to provide would also assist us in better resolving your concerns.
To submit a Complaint:

You can either select the PDF "Complaint Form" from under the Related Documents portion of the main Building Department Page, mail your complaint, drop off your complaint, or come to the office to fill out the Complaint Form. Likewise, the Town Website also includes a link to a "Fix-It Form" that you can fill out to email your complaint directly to us! Please feel free to contact this Department at the email or phone number on our webpage with any questions or comments you may have!